People in Motion are only able to be so successful due to the dedication and passion of our team who generously give up their time and skills to voluntarily run the charity, organise the aid and head up teams of volunteers to help round Europe.

Trustees: Kirsty Fraser, David Bland, Anna Brook & Ade Couper

Elaine Fraser - Warehouse Coordinator 
"I am a mum of four amazing grown up children, one slightly bonkers but very adorable dog and two cats, one of which regularly defecates on anything of value to me. 

In September 2015, myelf along with a few others, founded People in Motion. I visited the refugee camp in Calais and was compelled to do more to help. My job with PIM is pretty much everything. With a lot of help from the team I manage the day to day running of the charity as well as co-ordinate volunteers and identify need/action aid and volunteer in the camps.

I feel so grateful to be working with such amazing and resilient individuals who despite losing their homes, lives and the people they love, remain proud and humbled. Even though my entire life revolves around People in Motion and the people we help, I couldn't imagine myself doing anything different."

Kirsty Fraser 

"I am one of the co-founders of People in Motion, I got involved because I couldn't just sit back and do nothing about the refugee crisis! So in October 2015 drove to Calais with my mum, and it went from there. I have not looked back and spend most of free time trying to do anything that will help in anyway. 

I volunteer in the camps delivering aid to those who are most vulnerable. I spend a lot of time fundraising, raising awareness, co-coordinating volunteers, liaising with people/organisations on the ground and general coordination of People in Motion with the help of our amazing team. I get to work with and meet with so many volunteers in this role, I enjoy it so much even if it does send you a little crazy. "

Mairtin O'Gradaigh

"I have been working for People in Motion as a long term volunteer in the refugee camps spending often months at a time on the ground helping people who have been forced for flee their homes. The life of a volunteer is ever changing and I spend my days doing whatever is needed; chopping up the huge donations of fire wood so that it could be distributed within the camps, driving injured people to hospital after the vicious attacks from the French police, shopping for and distrbuting gas or food. In the UK, I actively support the aid sorting days and keep the donations unit organised, loading up vans and delivering aid to France and shipping containers destined for further afield."

Emily Gibson

"I became involved in the refugee crisis last year after I became increasingly uncomfortable with watching the news and feeling powerless. I've found that there is so much people can do to help. My main role is co-ordinating well-being support for the volunteers. They are witnessing the effects of the current refugee crisis first hand, and it is very often overwhelming. Feelings of guilt, shock and helplessness can result and to prevent burn out we need to support our amazing volunteers. I also help with some of the behind the scenes work necessary for the success of People in Motion. I've met an incredibly dedicated, creative and hard working team and am proud to be a part of it!"


Chris Russell

I have been involved with PIM since last November.  Since working in the old Dunkirk camp over the New Year with my wife Ann, I have volunteered with Medicines Sans Frontiers building the new camp at Dunkirk. On our last visit Ann worked in the school and I was with a construction team working on the communal kitchens and flooring the new school tent – big enough for 50 children.

In a former life I taught Technology. I still ride a motorbike, including to Dunkirk.


This is just a glimpse at all the amazing people who volunteer with People in Motion; either in the camps or at our sorting days, or by holding their own fundraising events.

We are so grateful for all you do!