People in Motion are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, that  provide support and aid to displaced people.

With our current efforts focused on the refugee crisis, we are currently sending aid and volunteer support throughout Europe and beyond to help people on their journey to a safer life.

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We are gearing up for winter: 

We need donations of warm and practical clothing and other items so that we make sure aid items arrive before the temperatures drop across Europe. It can take time to get items from the point of donation to the into the hands of someone who needs  it, so we like to be prepared so people are not left cold. 

Most wanted winter items needed include: 

Sleeping bags


New underwear

Warm & waterproof coats

Walking boots/ trainers

Hats/ Gloves/ Scarves 

Pop-up tents 

AID: A call out to our communities

We are currently encouraging as many community groups as possible to come together and collect useful aid items so that we can continue to support displaced people.


The media attention covering the dire situation facing refugees across Europe and beyond has all but disappeared, but the people having to endure their refugee journeys have not.


There are still hundreds of people sleeping rough in ditches and woodland in and around Calais and Dunkirk with little access to warmth, shelter and sanitation. There are many people who are sleeping on the streets of Paris where police violence is rife, and food, shelter and clothing are scarce.


For the last 2 years we have been sending regular van-loads full of aid to Northern France along with multiple volunteer teams. We have also been sending supplies to Syria and Greece via shipping container, at times up to 3 vans in one month.


Unfortunately the level of aid items that we are receiving in our warehouse is not meeting the demand of what is needed on the ground.


We would like to encourage community groups to come together and organise a collection of useful supplies. If we all team up, we can make a huge difference, so why not get your communities involved. It could be your work place, school, church, temple, gym, pub, walking group or even quiz team!


Many of us are so lucky to be part of a community, why not get everyone together to do something positive. It doesn’t need to be hard work , we can talk you through the most effective ways of doing this.


Our needs list is here on our website and our Facebook page, this gives you some idea of all of the supply items that we can send to people who really do benefit from receiving them.


If you would like to have a chat with us about running a collection, please email us at or you can message through our Facebook page.


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